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Type T 6 ft Beaded Thermocouple Sensor – TC6-T

Type T 6 ft Beaded Thermocouple Sensor – TC6-T

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The Type T 6 ft Beaded Thermocouple probe includes 1.8m (6′) of insulated 30-AWG wire wound on an integrated spool caddy /subminiature connector. Color-coded for type T (blue) thermocouples according to the ANSI standard, this probe is teflon-insulated and responsive over a range of -200° to 180°C (-330° to 356°F) with an initial accuracy of ±1.5°C (±2.7°F). Overall accuracy varies with attached logger.

  • 30-AWG wire
  • Teflon-insulated probe

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The TC6-T sensor supports the following measurement: Temperature

  • Range & Accuracy:
    。-200 to 65°C (-330° to -85°F) – ±1.5°% accuracy
    。-65 to 130°C (-85° to 270°F) – ±1.0°C (± 1.8°F) accuracy
    。130 to 180°C (270° to 356°F) – ±0.75% accuracy
  • Insulation: Type T Teflon®

*Note: Teflon insulation is rated up to 200°C (400°F) continuous, and +250°C (+482°F) for 24 hours.

**Note: Percentage is in degrees above or below ice point (0°C or 32°F)