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Ashcroft (500-psig) Gauge Pressure Sensor – T-ASH-G2-500

Ashcroft (500-psig) Gauge Pressure Sensor – T-ASH-G2-500

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The 500-psig Ashcroft Gauge Pressure Sensor provides precision pressure measurements in compressed air systems, water, or other compatible gases and fluids with an accuracy of ±1% FS from -20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F) and only ±1.5% FS -40° to -20°C and 85° to 125°C (-40° to –4°F and 185° to 257°F).

Requires analog port selection during U30 system configuration and use of a S-FS-CVIA when using the H22-001 data logger. When using a U12 data logger, this sensor requires an 0-5 Vdc analog input cable (CABLE-ADAP5) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1).

  • High-performance pressure transducer for industrial applications
  • 1/4″ NPT stainless-steel pressure connection.

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The T-ASH-G2-500 sensor supports the following measurement:Gauge Pressure

  • Measurement ranges:100, 200, 500 psig
  • Compensated temp range:-40° to 125°C (-40° to 257°F)
  • Accuracy:±1% FS from -20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F)±1.5% FS -40° to -20°C and 85° to 125°C (-40° to –4°F and 185° to 257°F)
  • Non-linearity:less than ±0.1% of span typical
  • Non-repeatability:less than ±0.03% of span typical
  • Hysteresis:less than ±0.01 of span typical
  • Stability:less than ±0.25% of span/year
  • Durability:tested to 50 million cycles
  • Overpressure:200% FS
  • Response time:less than 1 msec
  • Power:9-36 VDC, 5mA
  • Operating temp range:-40° to 125°C (-40° to 257°F)
  • Operating humidity range:0 to 100% RH, no effect
  • Output signal to FlexSmart module:0-5 VDC, 3 wireInsulation breakdown voltage:100 VAC
  • Insulation resistance:greater than 100 megohms at 100 VDC
  • Construction:Shielded cable, 24 AWG, PVC jacket, 1-meter
  • Pressure connection:1/4” NPT 304 stainless steel
  • Sensor material:17-4PH stainless steel
  • Housing material:20% glass reinforced nylon, fire retardant to UL94 V1
  • CE compliance:Per EN 61326:1997 + A1:1998 + A2:2001, Annex A (Heavy Industrial)
  • Dimensions:2.9 cm diameter x 6.4 cm long (1.15 in. diameter x 2.5 in. long)
  • Outer cable diameter dimension:0.21 in. (5.4-mm)
  • Weight:89.4g (3.15oz)
  • Number of data channels:1

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