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HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System – SYS-RX-GRMS-A
HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System – SYS-RX-GRMS-A
HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System – SYS-RX-GRMS-A

HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System – SYS-RX-GRMS-A

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The HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System is the ideal tool for measuring the performance of intensive and extensive green roofs. Offering reliable, research-grade performance, the web-based system enables users to monitor green roof conditions, measure stormwater runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and maintain healthy rooftop vegetation.


。Two S-RGB-M002 rain gauges
。Two S-SMC-M005 soil moisture smart sensors
。Two S-TMB-M002 soil temperature smart sensors
。S-LIB-M-003 solar radiation smart sensor
。M-LBB light sensor bracket
。M-LLA light sensor level
。S-THB-M002 air temperature/humidity sensor
。RS3-B solar radiation shield
。S-WSET-B wind speed and direction sensor set
。M-CAA full cross arm
。RX3004 remote monitoring system
。SOLAR-5W solar panel

  • 24/7 web-based access to your data
  • Includes all the common green roof measurements
  • Plug-and-play sensors enable fast, easy deployment
  • Customizable data display for kiosks
  • Provides trend logging, monitoring, and alarm notifications

In what environment does this kit operate?

This kit operates in an outdoor environment.

What measurements does this kit support?

The SYS-RX-GRMS-A kit supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, Barometric Pressure, Leaf Wetness, Light Intensity, Pulse Input, Rainfall, Relative Humidity, Soil Moisture, Temperature and Wind

  • S-RGB-M002 rain gauge:see specifications
  • S-SMC-M005 soil moisture smart sensor:see specifications
  • S-TMB-M002 soil temperature smart sensor:see specifications
  • S-LIB-M-003 solar radiation smart sensor:see specifications
  • M-LBB light sensor bracket:see specifications
  • S-THB-M002 air temperature/humidity sensor:see specifications
  • RS3-B solar radiation shield:see specifications
  • S-WSET-B wind speed and direction sensor set:see specifications
  • M-CAA full cross arm:see specifications
  • RX3004:see specifications

  • Datasheet|get
  • 12-Bit Temperature Smart Sensor (S-TMB-M002, S-TMB-M006, S-TMB-M017) User's Manual|get
  • Silicon Pyranometer Smart Sensor (S-LIB-M003) User's Manual|get
  • Light Sensor Bracket (M-LBB) Packing List|get
  • Full Cross Arm Kit (M-CAA) Packing List|get
  • 5 Watt Solar Panel Installation Instructions|get
  • HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station (RX3001-00-01, RX3002-00-01, RX3003-00-01, RX3004-00-01) User's Manual|get
  • HOBOlink Manual|get
  • Wind Direction Smart Sensor (S-WDA-M003) User's Manual|get
  • Soil Moisture Smart Sensor (S-SMC-M005, S-SMD-M005) User's Manual|get
  • Rain Gauge Smart Sensor (S-RGA-M002, S-RGB-M002) User's Manual|get
  • Wind Speed Smart Sensor (S-WSA-M003) User's Manual|get
  • Temperature/RH Smart Sensor (S-THB-M002, S-THB-M008) User's Manual|get