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Model 1028™ XP - Trusted Technology Designed for the Future

Model 1028™ XP - Trusted Technology Designed for the Future

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Model 1028-XP is our most advanced professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor.Its detector technology is based on the trusted 1028 design that utilizes advanced detection algorithm resulting in high sensitivity, while also providing superb immunity to external radio interference. The large, high-definition touch screen interface paired with an on-board Bluetooth module allows for the most flexibility of setup and use yet.

Model 1028-XP is NRPP- and C-NRPP-approved (NRSB pending). This professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor is equipped with a tamper sensor, programmable PIN protection, and can be upgraded with an optional environmental module to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, t-VOC, and e-CO2.

Its fully compatible with our OneRADON Software suite for desktop and mobile applications, for complete test analysis and report generation. In addition, an optional cellular upgrade module allows for complete remote control via OneRADON Cloud. Model 1028-XP comes ready for use with a calibration certificate, power supply, and USB cable.

*Upgrade capability release expected in Summer 2019

  • Bluetooth & Intuitive Touchscreen
  • OneRADON for desktop, and full mobile and cloud support
  • Environmental sensor and cellular module upgrades*
  • Integrated tamper sensors and tripod mount
  • 10 test storage slots, 300h battery life

* Planned release – Summer 2019

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